Washington University in St. Louis

Welcome to the Washington University in St. Louis student health insurance plan website.

For information regarding the WUSTL Student Medical Insurance Plan for 2012/2013, please refer to the following website:

How to Appeal a Claim

In the event a Covered Person disagrees with how a claim was processed, he/she may request a review of the decision. The Covered Person's requests must be made in writing within 180 days of receipt of the Explanation of Benefits (EOB). The Covered Person's request must include why he/she disagrees with the way the claim was processed. The request must also include any additional information that supports the claim (e.g. medical records, physician's office notes, operative reports, physician's letter of medical necessity, etc.)

Please submit all requests to:

Aetna Student Health
PO Box 14464
Lexington, KY 40512