Long Island University

Welcome to the Long Island University student health insurance plan website.

Aetna Student Health gives you access to care by working closely with your school and with a network of doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and specialists throughout the country. The resources on this site will help you make thoughtful health insurance choices.

PLEASE NOTE: Summer enrollment for all Long Island Students in all plans ends on July 6, 2012.

Long Island University and Aetna Student Health have partnered for the 2011-2012 academic year to provide a comprehensive program that couples the on campus resources of the Brooklyn Campus and the C.W. Post Home Campus (for on-site health and counseling services) with a health insurance benefit plan that provides a network of specialists and hospitals. The Plan provides coverage for illnesses and injuries that occur on or off campus, while at home and also provides worldwide coverage.

  • All International Students, Clinical Students, Residential Students, and Intercollegiate Athletes are automatically enrolled in the Hardwaiver plan. Premiums for the plan are applied directly to the student’s account at the start of classes. Students who have comparable coverage under a family plan or other policy are permitted to waive coverage by the posted deadline.
  • Students enrolled in Global College Programs are automatically enrolled in the plan on a term basis and at a reduced cost. Due to the travel requirements of these programs, mandatory students are not permitted to waive coverage. Charges are placed on the student’s account at the time of registration.
  • All other Long Island University students are not automatically enrolled, but are eligible to purchase the plan on a voluntary basis.
  • Students who begin their program of study in the Spring and Summer terms can participate in the plan at pro-rata rates and will have separate enrollment/waiver deadlines.