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Welcome to the Rice University student health insurance plan website.

Aetna Student Health gives you access to care by working closely with your school and with a network of doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and specialists throughout the country. The resources on this site will help you make thoughtful health insurance choices.

Rice requires you to enroll or waive the school-sponsored insurance plan each academic year. It is important for you to make an informed health assessment each year. For instance, have your health needs changed? Will you be participating in a study abroad program? Will you be traveling for an internship or medical rotation? Do you have access to a network that covers you throughout the country and do you have coverage for emergencies? Make sure you have appropriate health coverage so that an unexpected illness or accident doesn’t hinder your wellness or academic success. Please take a moment to review the links to the right to assist you in making this important decision.

You may waive coverage under this plan if you have health insurance that meets the entire Rice plan requirements listed in the waiver section. You will need to provide information about your coverage. An accepted waiver applies to the entire 2013-2014 academic year during which it is filed.

What To Have With You Before You Start:
If you currently have comparable health insurance with another insurance company, be sure you have the required level of coverage (deductibles, benefits provided, benefit limitations, and the coverage dates).

Before beginning this enrollment/waiver process, have the following materials with you:

  • Your current health insurance plan ID card
  • Your health insurance brochure or plan description

See the Plan Details drop-down in Step 2 for Rate information.
See the Plan Details drop-down in Step 2 for waiver requirements information.

Plan Documents

Please read the Student Health Insurance Plan documents before making a decision. You can find information about coverage and benefits, rates, deductibles and more.

2013 - 2014 Information Bulletin: Pre-certification and Medical Necessity Reviews
2013 - 2014 Rice University Basic Summary of Benefits and Coverage
2013 - 2014 Important Brochure Notice: Changes to your Plan
2013 - 2014 Student Health Insurance Plan

2012 - 2013 Rice University Basic Summary of Benefits and Coverage
2012 - 2013 Important Brochure Notice: Changes to your plan
2012 - 2013 Student Health Insurance Plan

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