George Mason University

Full Plan Details

Please read the Student Health Insurance Plan brochure before making a decision. You can find the following and more in the Student Health Insurance Plan documents below.

  • Premium Rates
  • Deductible
  • Coverage
  • Dates and Deadlines
  • Filing a claim

Plan Documents

2012 - 2013 George Mason University Basic Summary of Benefits and Coverage

2012 - 2013 Important Brochure Notice: Changes to your plan

2012 - 2013 Student Health Insurance Plan Brochure

2012 - 2013 Evidence of Coverage

2013 Women’s Contraceptive Drugs and Devices List

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2011 - 2012 Evidence of Coverage

2011 - 2012 Important Brochure Notice: Changes to your plan

2011 - 2012 Student Health Insurance Plan Brochure

2012 Mandatory Member Agreement

Out of Network Claims

Changes to Your Plan

Plan documents are provided in Adobe PDF format.

Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader

The college/university plan may not cover all your health care expenses. The plan excludes coverage for certain services and contains limitations on the amounts it will pay. Please read the plan brochure carefully before deciding whether this plan is right for you. Also, while the plan brochure tells you about some of the important features of the plan, other features may be important to you and some further limit what the plan will pay. If you want to look at the full plan description, which is contained in the Master Policy issued to the college/university, you may contact us at 800-878-1945. Many plans contain annual and/or per condition maximums. Some illnesses may cost more to treat than what the plan will pay and health care providers may bill you for what the plan does not cover.

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