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Empowering benefits of working with a leader

An easy-to-work-with leader in student health insurance.

For more than 30 years,* student health insurance has been our focus. Now, more than ever, we're passionate about working with you to help keep your students healthy and productive. To that end, we're proud to offer our suite of products and services. They give students the economic protection of insurance while they work toward their academic goals.

As one of the largest student health insurance plan administrators in the country, we offer:

Excellent customer service
You'll have an experienced Aetna team servicing your account. They can help in many ways including plan enrollment, IT integration, marketing and communications to help engage your students, and more.

Administrative capabilities
Our program implementation begins with an organized enrollment system with online enrollment/waiver processing. Plan selection is easier for students, plus your paperwork and administrative time is reduced.

Ways to contain costs
We educate members and health care providers on best practices to help cut your costs. We'll also help you increase efficiencies in enrollment, policy management and health center billing.

Strong national provider networks
Our networks are strong with more than 1 million** health care providers nationwide.

Quality and safety
We use advanced technology to analyze information from all of our plans and programs. This helps ensure that drugs are used safely so students can achieve their best health. It can also help save money. For example, point-of-service (POS) safety edits alert network pharmacies of situations such as therapeutic duplication.

Health care reform information
We're a leader in keeping our customers informed about health care reform requirements.

Account Services
The benefits of working with one of the largest health care organizations include:

  • Experienced team focused on servicing your account
  • Online enrollment/waiver system
  • Flexibility to customize online enrollment/waiver for specific student groups
  • Experience with standard or unique bursar systems
  • Real time claims activity monitoring
  • Customized audit options

*First school administered in 1980.

**Aetna website.

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